Happy 2020 with many great pictures!

I started 2020 the right way: by taking my camera with me and looking for the right spot for my pictures.

A few technical notes: the standard way to make firework pictures is to choose a very long exposure or even B or T. However, this will often lead to overexposed pictures. Making several exposures and combining them in Photoshop layers is a better solution. You should be careful anyway because not all firework has the same exposure and even things like fog have an influence on exposure. So it’s always a bit of trial & error. As a rule, you should use noise reduction for long exposures. In this case, I chose not to use it, because I was afraid I’d miss too many moments. I ended up making the shadows darker anyway, so there was no noise in the image. If you have camera with a smallish or less good sensor, NR in Photoshop might be a good solution.

For the blending mode of the layers, you might want to use lighten, or even hard light. Here I used mostly lighten but with one layer I used blending mode difference to get some extra colors.

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